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One of the best preserved shipwrecks in the world, the World War II British merchant ship sank on 6th of October 1941 after coming under attack by two German Heinkel He II aircraft bombers. Originally 126 meters long, after the explosion the wreck now lies upright on the seabed measuring approximately 150 meters in length, with the deepest point sitting at 30m. Much of the cargo still exists today and divers can expect to see locomotives, motorcycles, anti-aircraft guns and even welly-boots from the crew.

Because this is such a magnificent wreck, as divers we want to do everything possible to preserve for future generations of divers. If you want to learn more about how the Red Sea diving community is trying to help and prepare you for how you should dive the wreck, please check out Save the SS Thistlegorm website.

Special trip price
SS. Thistlegorm Wreck (2 dives + breakfast & lunch)
 155 €
Equipment Rental
Full equipment (excl computer)
25 €
Sidemount equipment (BCD + 2 x regulators)
30 €
BCD, regulator & wetsuit
20 €
BCD or regulator
9 €
Wetsuit full
8 €
Wetsuit short
5 €
5 €
5 €
Complete snorkel set
10 €
Dive computer
8 €
8 €
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Thistlegorm Wreck Specs
Depth: 15m (bow) 21m (stern) 30m (seabed)
Location: 27 48 800 N / 33 55 250 E
Length: 126m (415ft) 

Because of the size of the wreck and the enormous amount to see both outside and inside the wreck, normally divers make 2 dives the first being an orientation around the wreck, followed by a second wreck penetration. We don’t want to give too much away about this dive site as it’s truly magical and even when listening to the detailed dive briefing, it doesn’t do the dives justice. You have to see it yourself to believe it!

Is it worth the 5.30am wakeup call and 3.5 hours boat ride? We think so!

Diver tip: Because of the depth of the wreck both dives are considered deep dives and divers can expect strong currents. As such, divers should be a minimum of Advanced Open Water or equivalent and have good buoyancy skills. It is beneficial to also be an enriched air diver so as to maximise the allowable bottom time, especially during the second dive due to surface intervals of around 1/1.5 hours.

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