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Special Trip Information

A small and quiet town about 80 kilometres north of Sharm el Sheikh, its most popular with divers for the magnificent Canyon and Blue Hole dives although other dive sites can be visited upon request. When diving in Dahab we depart Sharm by private bus around 7am, expecting to reach the first dive site by around 8.30am. The first dive is normally the Canyon before using our surface interval to travel along the sandy beach roads to reach the Blue Hole. Because of the high altitude of the mountains which we pass through driving from Dahab back to Sharm, after diving we head in to the centre of Dahab for a fabulous seafood dinner and a spot of shopping. This trip is great for divers and non-divers as there are the opportunities to snorkel at each site.

Special trip price
Dahab (Blue Hole & Canyon)
**Supplement added to package** - 70 €
Equipment Rental
Full equipment (excl computer)
25 €
Sidemount equipment (BCD + 2 x regulators)
30 €
BCD, regulator & wetsuit
20 €
BCD or regulator
9 €
Wetsuit full
8 €
Wetsuit short
5 €
5 €
5 €
Complete snorkel set
10 €
Dive computer
8 €
8 €

The Canyon

Situated 10 kilometers outside of Dahab, if it wasn’t for the simple beachside coffee shop you wouldn’t know it was there. The access to the site is over a shingle beach leading on to a reef platform which stretches out a few meters until you reach a small sandy sheltered lagoon which has an average depth of 3 meters. After descending you swim through a shallow saddle in the lagoon which leads to the open reef at which point you head to the left, gradually getting to a depth of 20m where the largest opening of the canyon appears. Upon approaching the canyon, you have the delight of seeing many bubbles stream up through the cracks in the sea floor. We enter and exit the canyon one-by-one however once inside there is plenty of room for large groups to explore and enjoy the spectacular lighting effects from the overhead sun. The floor sits at around 28m depending on the tide however the canyon slopes downwards and become narrower before ending at a depth of 54 meters.

Diver tip: Keep checking your No Decompression Limit as it is easy once inside the canyon to get distracted by its beauty. Fantastic dive site for both recreational and technical divers.

Blue Hole

Travel a further 1.5 kilometers up from the Canyon and you reach the famous Blue Hole. A common misconception about this dive site is that the dive for recreational divers mainly consists of exploring the Blue Hole itself. However this is not the case and in fact, there is not much in terms of coral or marine life inside the hole, with a much better chance of seeing Freedivers training and technical divers starting or ending their dives which do include dropping to depths of around 45m – 50m to dive through the Arch.

As recreational divers, we start our dive outside the blue hole, entering the water through El Bells which is a small crack in the main reef, quickly turning in to a narrow chimney open on one side to the blue, with an exit point at approximately 28m. Once you’ve exited, the main reef wall is immediately on your right and is full of life and colour. You continue along this wall with cornet fish who love to play with your bubbles and even cleaner wrasses that might try to help you clean out an ear or even your mouth! Gradually you’ll reach a shallow coral garden at around 7m which marks the entrance point to the blue hole. Once in the blue hole, the direction you take largely depends on the amount of air divers have left, with the right side taking longer than the left to swim around.

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