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We have a dive boat!

Introducing the newest addition to Eagle Divers....Gold Land!

We have a dive boat!

Christmas came early this year………

It is with great happiness and excitement that we finally get to introduce you all to the newest addition to Eagle Divers, meet ‘Gold Land’ our very own dive boat!

Many of you will know that having our own purpose-built dive boat has been a dream of ours since Eagle Divers started almost 6 years ago now. Through some seriously hard work and dedication from the whole team and quite a bit of planning we’ve finally achieved this goal, we almost can’t believe it ourselves 😊

After a refurb in the dry dock, where the toilets and stair layout were completely changed, wood replaced and a complete paint job amongst other updates, she’s been out running nicely the past week and it’s been a great joy to see guests enjoying sunning themselves on the sundeck and getting comfy in the saloon in between dives. We’ve been asked by a few of you who knew a little earlier if we’ll be changing the name but have heard that it may bring bad luck so we’re sticking with Gold Land, although we’ve a few Eagle Divers stickers and flags to put up to make it a little more homely, oh and wait for the mugs, courtesy of the wonderful Renata!

So, enough of the text, let’s share some photographs and hopefully you’ll be as happy and excited as we are about joining us soon on your next scuba diving holiday in the Red Sea!

Dive boat collage

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