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As another year comes to an end, we’ve way too much to be thankful for, and not enough time or wordcount to list everything.


OUR TOP 5 FROM 2017!

As another year comes to a close (seriously how quickly do they pass?) we’ve way too much to be thankful for, and not enough time or wordcount to list everything. Instead, we’ve chosen our top 5 highlights from the past 12 months to share with you as just a small example of how great 2017 has been here at Eagle Divers. We can only hope for more of the same in 2018!

No. 5 – Marine sightings

It won’t come as a surprise that the dives and marine sightings this year make our top 5, it’s why we love our job so much. We’ve been privileged to have seen almost everything you could hope for as a snorkeler or diver, including schooling hammerheads, dolphins, big manta, whaleshark and of course the completely unexpected dugong. One thing is guaranteed for 2018, as long as we keep diving in the Red Sea we’re going to keep having amazing underwater encounters!


No. 4New faces

The past 12 months have definitely been the busiest since Eagle Divers started with meeting so many new faces. We’ve met people from all over the world and enjoyed getting to know you all, whilst out snorkelling, trying diving, taking your certification and progressing those certifications, or just a simple chat in the dive centre. We would like to take this chance to give you a special thanks for choosing to spend some of your precious holiday time at Eagle Divers and hope to see many of you again in the next year.


No. 3Familiar faces              

What with the South liveaboard and cheaper and easier flights from the UK, we managed to catch up with many of our British guests in the past year and it was truly great to see you all again. Your determination to continue holidaying and supporting Sharm, and our diving centre, whilst the direct flights are off is so appreciated and to all of you, we also want to say a huge thank you! Hopefully 2018 will be the year for direct flight resumption but until then there’s always Turkish airlines and EgyptAir 😉

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No. 2Our PADI divemasters rock

We had 3 PADI Divemaster who came out to intern with us this year, each brought something different to Eagle Divers but all were brilliant throughout their stay and we really felt proud doing the final sign-off at the end of the course. You guys worked hard and deserve all the credit! We continue to wish you lots of luck and all the support you might need whilst you’re off exploring your different paths in the world, hopefully it wont be too long before we see and are guided by you again!

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No. 1Gold Land of course

OK, this is kind of a given, our number 1 moment is the dive boat which in itself was incredibly exciting but it’s what having our own boat allows us to do that is the most exciting. Having the boat now means we can control 100% the quality of your experience whilst onboard, from everything including the type of coffee served (we know those little packets of coffee suck), to reducing plastic waste (anyone for an eagle divers mug or reusable water bottle?) to the destination and dive sites each day and meeting specific request wherever possible. It’s our hope for 2018 to continue to build on the service we provide so that your holiday is the best it could possibly be, whether you see a whaleshark or not 😉


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