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Get your Girls That Scuba discount here!

Girls That Scuba – We’re part of the club

If you are a girl that scubas and you haven’t heard about GTS where have you been hiding?

It basically started off as a small network of girl divers that has pretty quickly grown in to a huge global network of female divers, with dedicated facebook groups (over 30,000 members!) covering everything from dive shop and liveaboard recommendations, mums that scuba, dive brand recommendations, and now includes both girls that tec and freedive. The pages are a friendly place to go for advice and tips for all things scuba related (and some not so related) plus there are organised meet ups all over the world.

Sky and Aninja, Girls that scuba underwater engagement

One of the great things about it is its promotes diving in all forms using real girl divers in real situations, their ‘mission is to encourage, educate and introduce more and more women to scuba diving while empowering the ones among us that are already addicted’. One of the ways they're trying to do this is by offering a discount on liveaboards, dive clubs and big brands in the form of their annual membership card which we’re proud to be part of. So next time your visiting us for a liveaboard or week of fun diving, or looking to buy a new suit/fins, check out the card first to see just how much you can save!

Girl divemaster Marisa

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