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Digital Dive Logging

It’s time to leave the paper behind and get online!

Digital Dive Logging

There’s a great number of apps out there that allow you to digitally log your dives, with one we especially like - the MYSSI App! Now before you say it, you do not need to be an SSI diver to use the dive logging facility and what you may also be surprised to find, is that you’ll also have access to some free course material in case you want to ‘try before you buy’.

But what steps do you need to take to get logging online? It’s a lot easier than you may think…check it out below;

REGISTER WITH SSI – create an account in seconds



PRESS + SIGN: From here you’ll be able to either choose manual input, scan QR code or import from your dive computer – in this case we’ll choose manual input


CHOOSE YOUR DIVE TYPE: At this point you’ll be able to choose between Scuba, Extended range and Freediving – For each you then get to create the dive and add all your details.

ADD DATA: There’s a lot of space here to capture everything you might want to add from start and finish air pressure, depths and durations, through to the type of dive, weight amounts and entry type. You’ve also a notes section to add any info on the marine life you might have seen, how you made the dive and equipment types, there’s potential to have a whole load of information logged and available anywhere you take your phone (or PC!). Touching on the dive site itself, you can pick a location from a selection of nearby site suggestions, from the map or scan a dive site QR or even create your own private site.

dive type

ADD BUDDY: Another nice feature is picking your dive buddy. If your buddy has is also registered you can search for them on the app or manually input them, plus each registered diver has their very own QR code so you can simply scan that and your buddy will appear – how easy and cool is that!

VERIFY DIVE (aka stamp your log): After you’ve finished uploading all of your dive data you’ll be prompted to save the details before returning to your main log page, at this point the final step to take is to click back on to your dive and hit Award Verification, this will allow you to then scan the dive centres unique QR code (only for SSI dive centres) to verify your dive details – think of it as a digital stamp for the dive log – our logo will appear alongside the dive details….it really is as easy as that!


FOR THE LAZY LOGGER: And one last cool feature to mention for those of you who are not so productive when it comes to dive logging; once you’ve logged a dive it generates its own QR code so if your buddy can’t be bothered doing the input, all they have to do is scan the code and all details will magically appear in their log book, happy days!

Note: The App is till in development with menu updates and improvements taking place, as such, for best user quality it is essential to run app updates as and when they occur.

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