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Blue Whale, Mola Mola & Tiger Sharks the highlights of the Red Sea!

The summer season is throwing us some seriously amazing marine sightings

Blue Whale, Mola Mola & Tiger Sharks the highlights of the Red Sea!

As a dive guide there are some creatures that you can almost 100% guarantee to your guests that’ll you see during a dive, for example the anemone fish in Ras Umm Sid, blue spotted rays in Yolanda Reef or the super ancient moray eel that is normally chilling around Gordon Reef. Then there are the quite common but never guaranteed sightings like turtles, eagle ray and white tip sharks, as guides we know the sights we’re most likely to see them at but we never make a promise as it’s a big ocean out there. But 2018 has already thrown quite a few unusual, and even extraordinary, sightings!

Imagine you’re on a dive and a big dark shadow makes its way towards you. You try to figure out just what it could be, nowhere in your imagination would you consider it to be a Blue Whale right!!...Ok so we didn’t actually experience this, but definitely thought about it a lot since the blue whale sighting back at the end of May. This was the first time a blue whale, the largest of all animals has ever been spotted in the Red Sea and experts can’t explain what it was doing here as they normally shallower, enclosed seas. It’s been a while now since its been spotted so we’re hoping it’s found its way out to some deeper cooler waters.

Mola Mola

There are places such as Bali and the Galapagos which are well known for Mole Mola sightings but would you have thought it possible in Jackson reef, in the Straits of Tiran? Not one but two Mola Mola were spotted out that way recently to the delight of divers.

tiger Shark

Still sticking with the Straits of Tiran but this time Gordon Reef, there seem to be at least one, possibly up to 3 Tiger Shark calling the reef home at the moment. Over the years there have been maybe a handful of tiger shark sightings this far up the Red Sea, more commonly you can spot them in the South (hence why we’re headed to Zabargad on the safari!). And they’re not the only shark around at the moment, there have also been Mako, Thresher and oceanic…..

We know you know that diving in the Red Sea is spectacular and filled with amazing marine life, but nowadays there really is something in the water and you should be here to experience it!!

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Pic credits where known have been included, otherwise all credit from the wonderful world wide web.

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