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Project Aware - protect the environment you care so much about

As divers, snorkelers and sea lovers why wouldn't we want to protect the underwater world? There's really nothing worse than swimming or diving and coming face to face with a plastic bag or an empty can or bottle. Learning more about the oceans and challenges faced in the conservation and protection whilst enjoying the crystal clear Red Sea is a great activity for individuals and families alike. Read on to see how you can make a massive difference.....

What You Learn

Project AWARE Foundation is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to conserving the aquatic environment through education, advocacy and action. Besides completing the Project AWARE Specialty course, you can become a partner in the efforts to preserve the underwater environment.

You learn about:

  • The ocean commons and coastal zone issues
  • Fisheries challenges and sustainability
  • Coral environment overview and inhabitants
  • The role of the scuba diver in protecting aquatic environments

Visit Project AWARE Foundation to download your copy today.

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Course registration

All student divers of any level are required to complete the PADI medical questionnaire prior to starting course. Any student answering ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions may require medical clearance prior to commencing in water activities. A copy of the medical form can be found here.

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