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Red Sea underwater photography workshop

Underwater photography can involve as little as pointing and shooting at the object you want to frame, but more often than not the end result is a blue photo with a blue blurry object off centre. So is it worth getting some expert tips on how to take the stunning underwater photographs simialr to what you see on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages? Yes, we think so, and a bespoke underwater photography workshop with professional photographer Renata Romeo is our option of choice. Based on your needs and experience level, Renata will put together a tailored workshop lasting minimum 2 days, where she'll take you through important aspects such as lighting, camera set up, and the thought process before taking a photograph. For more information check out our blog on underwater photography with Renata , visit her website at www.renataromeoart.com, or follow her on Instagram @superennyphoto.

schooling batfish in Ras Mohamed National ParkPhotograph taken by guest and student, John Russell of his wife EveA typical red sea underwater scene captured beautifully by Renataparrot fish














All student divers of any level are required to complete the PADI medical questionnaire prior to starting a course. Any student answering ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions may require medical clearance prior to commencing in water activities. A copy of the medical form can be found here.

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