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Part two of our girls who dive special....

Let me introduce you to Nouf Alosaimi....

Part two of our girls who dive special....

Name: Nouf Alosaimi

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Diver level: MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer)

Approx. number of dives:  I am really not sure but I’ve been diving since 2009 maybe I have done around 1000 dives but still not sure don’t wanna sound like showing off

1.      Why did you decide to learn to dive?

Because it  blew my mind!  I was completely disconnected from everything that is going on the surface and only focused and connected into my inner self while surrounded by god's art, the corals the fishes and how all of them are living together in a uniquely balanced system.

2.      How has your life changed since being a diver?

My life changed 180 degree. I finally found my purpose in life being passionate about something that is fulfilling your life is the best thing that could happened to anyone and now I am taking diving as a career and a full time job,  oh man I love my job!

3.      Any struggles along the way?

Umm can't remember it because my love and passion for diving blocked my eyes from seeing the struggles or the obstacles plus I have a very bad memory I can’t remember any.

Nouf 2

4.      What would you tell other non-diving females thinking about learning to dive?

Diving isn’t about just gearing up and hit the water it's a kind of meditation self-awareness visiting a natural art gallery gives you confident being more responsible and it's open up your eyes to the beauty that it need to be protected for the next generation.

5.      What’s your favourite dive site/location and why?

Every dive site has its own story and memory but Egypt Ras Mohammed national park in Sharm El Sheikh is my favourite dive spot, why? Due to its location on the Sinai Peninsula at the juncture of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, the combining waters of varying salinity from each gulf has resulted in a spectacular array of reef and pelagic fish, diverse coral reef and luxuriant sea walls.


I had the great joy of taking my IDC with Nouf a few years back now and can say that my experience would have been very different had she not been in our group, she contributed to many laughs during those few weeks so thanks for that Nouf and for taking the time to share your diving story J

If you’ve got a story to share let us know about it by sending it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any accompanying photographs and videos, we’ll share it on the website, Facebook page and in the monthly newsletter!

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