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Part three - Girls who dive...

Introducing our good friend Polina Dionesova

Part three - Girls who dive...

Name: Polina Dionesova

Nationality: Russian

Diver level: PADI Advanced open water diver

Approx. number of dives: 200

1.     Why did you decide to learn to dive?

The first time I came to Egypt my mum and I decided to explore as many activities as we can and see as much as we can and one of them was an introduction dive. Then I tried it with my mum but the first time for us it was all about learning just to breathe underwater because it is not normal. We then did it again to actually focus on what we could see under water. After that we decided to cancel all of our other activities and spent 5 days on the boat just making introductory dives because we loved it so much.

Once we came back home we decided to take the Open Water Course in Russia but of course it wasn’t as exciting as diving in the Red Sea for sure. From that time we started to go for diving holidays 2 times a year, I think now I have visited Sharm over 25 times. After 5 years of holidays to Sharm I ended up coming to work here for a while because I loved the place although my work wasn’t related to diving, I dived every day I had off work!

2.      How has your life changed since being a diver?

It brings a lot of new things and opportunities to people when they start diving and first of all you can meet so many new people when you go on a diving holiday, from all around the world, and make many new lifelong friends because you have that one thing in common. I’ve even met other diving buddies in their home countries and explored with them. Also, when you first start diving you’re always looking for the ‘big’ things like sharks, manta and turtle but now as we’ve been diving for longer we can truly appreciate the smaller marine life like nudibranchs and pipefish and just the general colour and condition of the reef.


Polina bikini

3.      Any struggles along the way?

I think for me it was quite easy to learn to dive although I hadn’t spent much time in the water. I wanted to dive a lot so I committed myself to it which probably helped a lot.

4.     What would you tell other non-diving females thinking about learning to dive?

If anyone is thinking about learning to dive and is afraid of something, it’s not that difficult to overcome your fear when you’re underwater and love it. I met one girl diving instructor who told me that at the very beginning of her learning to dive she couldn’t put the mask on and face underwater it scared her so much. But she loved the sea and wanted badly to get over it and become a diver, that she took the mask home and practiced in the bath and sink until she became comfortable with it. Never give up if you want something I think is the motto.

5.    What’s your favourite dive site/location and why?

For me I think I have 2 favourite dive sites both in Egypt, Ras Umm Sid and Shark and Yolanda….oh and Jackson reef….actually I love them all because every time you dive there you find something new. But diving on the liveaboards also lets you get to see far off sites which can’t be reached from the daily boats that rarely have many, if any, other divers on them so it feels like the site is just for you to enjoy, I especially love these trips!

polina and girls

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