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2016…….Phew, we’re glad that’s over!

Take a look at some of our 'best bits' from last year.

2016…….Phew, we’re glad that’s over!

Just joking, 2016 hasn’t been that bad a year at all, Different? Definitely; bad? No, not at all. We’re grateful and thankful to still be diving every day in the Red Sea and to have had the opportunity to meet so many new faces from many different countries over the past 12 months. So as we enter the new year, we thought we’d share with you a roundup of some of our highlights. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as we did experiencing them, and the final highlight is dedicated to you!

1.      Moving dive centre – Obviously the biggest change (and challenge) in 2016 was moving dive centre and we can safely say it’s been the best decision. Not only has it allowed us to bring on new members of the team, it’s also given us a great house reef meaning we can be in the water in a matter of minutes and whenever suits. But the best part of all is having met and mixed with people from different nationalities, whether through daily diving, introductions to diving and qualifying as new divers. safari

2.      Southern Red Sea safari – 2016 was the first year we ran a diving safari to explore the Southern Red Sea and what a great trip it was. Normally we run an annual Wrecks & Reef trip covering the Northern route but given departing from Hurghada was the most suitable option for many guests, we thought ‘let’s give it a go’. The experience of Hammerheads, dolphins, Oceanic white tips amongst other marine life combined with crystal clear visibility and pristine coral reef all played the part of making this one of the most memorable safari’s to date. We enjoyed it so much we got back and started arranging the next one straight away! Despite the lack of direct flights to Sharm, we’re currently looking in to a second liveaboard covering the Northern route for later in the year, so if you’ve missed the dives sites in and around Sharm and we could give you an option of visiting them from Hurghada instead!

kimo and turtle

3.      Marine life – How could we not mention the main reason we do this job, the continued excellent diving offered by the Red Sea was of course, and will continue to be a massive highlight for us. Whether it be an interaction with territorial anemonefish, a gliding giant napoleon fish, a disappearing octopus, excitable dolphins, a majestic manta or more simply the variety of colour and excellent conditions it offers, we couldn’t be more grateful for being based in one of the best diving spots in the world!

khaled and divers

4.     New Red Sea divers – We met a lot of new people in 2016, mostly through Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water courses and first time visits to Sharm el Sheikh so to you we would like to thank for choosing and trusting us with your holiday diving plans. For us it’s one of the perks of the job to see people’s reactions to trying diving and experiencing the conditions of the Red Sea for the first time. To the new Open Water divers thank you for putting in the hard work and enthusiasm that made the courses so much fun and well done to those of you who took the first step in trying diving, we know it was a very proud moment for many of you.

5.   Your support! – The final highlight, and most important to us, is your continued support and feedback. We’ve said it on several occasions and without sounding too soppy, but a big part of what makes us love our work so much is being able to share memorable moments both above and underwater with you. There’s genuinely no better feeling in the world when we see the smile on a newly qualified diver, or surface from a dive to excited chatter about the first-time sighting of a turtle/eagle ray/manta/shark etc etc. The support has come in many forms from guests choosing us for the first-time diving experience in Sharm, repeat guests taking not 2, but 4 flights to get here; to emailing to say you’ll be back as soon as direct flights have started and even just liking and sharing our Facebook posts and reading blogs just like this one! All of it has an impact much larger than you probably realise so from us to you, thank you for being great Eagle Divers!!

 boat group

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