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We need your creativity! Submit your designs to win our next dive centre T-shirt!

When great minds work together, wonderful things can happen!

We need your creativity! Submit your designs to win our next dive centre T-shirt!

Each year we look to refresh the diving centre’s T-shirts but we thought we’d mix it up a little as we always hear such good ideas from you guys…..so this year YOU are going to design it for us! And better still, if your design wins you get a mention on the T-shirt itself and of course a free t-shirt* for your efforts!

  • TshirtWe want your creative juices to flow but, there is some criteria to follow listed below’
  • We need the logo, email & web address somewhere within the design
  • Needs to be related – a design with a dinosaur on ski’s would be cool for sure but doesn’t really scream diving and snorkelling so we’re hoping for designs that can at least loosely be tied in with what our jobs involve and possibly our name also.
  • Please no profanities or nudity, at the end of the day we gotta wear these things on a daily basis 😉
  • A sketch on a piece of paper with a bit of a description to accompany works just as well as a professionally laid out design.
  • You do not need to have been an Eagle Divers guest previously to enter so if your granny, 2-year-old, or friend of a friend have some great idea’s they’re more than welcome to enter also!


Final submission for designs is Friday 26th October 2018 and you can enter by either emailing us directly or posting on the Facebook page wall. We’ll pick our top 3 ideas then put it to a public vote with the final winner announced Wednesday 31st October......don't have a design but still want a t-shirt? No problem, you just need to 'like' and 'share' the facebook post to be in for a chance of winning**

*As you can imagine the postal service is a little slow here in Egypt so we’ll aim to post it from the UK instead. For this reason there may be a slight delay getting it to you but rest assured you’ll be one of the first to receive it.

**winner will be chosen at random after the competition closes.

Blue Whale, Mola Mola & Tiger Sharks the highlights of the Red Sea!

The summer season is throwing us some seriously amazing marine sightings

Blue Whale, Mola Mola & Tiger Sharks the highlights of the Red Sea!

As a dive guide there are some creatures that you can almost 100% guarantee to your guests that’ll you see during a dive, for example the anemone fish in Ras Umm Sid, blue spotted rays in Yolanda Reef or the super ancient moray eel that is normally chilling around Gordon Reef. Then there are the quite common but never guaranteed sightings like turtles, eagle ray and white tip sharks, as guides we know the sights we’re most likely to see them at but we never make a promise as it’s a big ocean out there. But 2018 has already thrown quite a few unusual, and even extraordinary, sightings!

Imagine you’re on a dive and a big dark shadow makes its way towards you. You try to figure out just what it could be, nowhere in your imagination would you consider it to be a Blue Whale right!!...Ok so we didn’t actually experience this, but definitely thought about it a lot since the blue whale sighting back at the end of May. This was the first time a blue whale, the largest of all animals has ever been spotted in the Red Sea and experts can’t explain what it was doing here as they normally shallower, enclosed seas. It’s been a while now since its been spotted so we’re hoping it’s found its way out to some deeper cooler waters.

We’ve upped tanks and moved dive centres!

Read on for more details on this exciting news and some unmissable dive & stay offers!

We’ve upped tanks and moved dive centres!

We’ve upped tanks and moved!

It might seem like only yesterday we announced we’d moved to a new dive centre, but in actual fact that was almost 2 years ago now, doesn’t time fly! We’ve had a great time in the previous base and it has allowed us to make many improvements and meet a ton of new people which we’re really grateful for however it was never going to be our ‘forever home’. So when the opportunity came along to move to a new place which is a lot bigger, logistically easier and better located, we decided to jump right in and grab it…..so, welcome to Eagle Divers located in Naama Blue Hotel, Naama Bay!

Naama Blue Hotel, Sharm el Sheikh

It’s been a busy time the past few weeks with paperwork procedures and moving but we’ve finally moved in and starting to add the personal touches (so if you’re due to visit in the next few weeks, bear with us 😉).

Roof top bar, Naama Bay Sharm el Sheikh


As another year comes to an end, we’ve way too much to be thankful for, and not enough time or wordcount to list everything.


OUR TOP 5 FROM 2017!

As another year comes to a close (seriously how quickly do they pass?) we’ve way too much to be thankful for, and not enough time or wordcount to list everything. Instead, we’ve chosen our top 5 highlights from the past 12 months to share with you as just a small example of how great 2017 has been here at Eagle Divers. We can only hope for more of the same in 2018!

No. 5 – Marine sightings

It won’t come as a surprise that the dives and marine sightings this year make our top 5, it’s why we love our job so much. We’ve been privileged to have seen almost everything you could hope for as a snorkeler or diver, including schooling hammerheads, dolphins, big manta, whaleshark and of course the completely unexpected dugong. One thing is guaranteed for 2018, as long as we keep diving in the Red Sea we’re going to keep having amazing underwater encounters!


Diving & accommodation deals 2018

Check out the latest offers avilable on different dive & accommodation packages, with something to suit all budgets.

Diving & accommodation deals 2018

Scuba diving & Accommodation packages in Sharm el Sheikh

As many of you are booking your own flights separately from accommodation and scuba diving packages, we’ve put together a summary of some package deals in Sharm for the coming season. From 5-star beach front hotels to self-catering studio apartments on purpose built complex, hopefully there’s something to suit every budget and with airport transfers courtesy of the diving centre bus, all you need to do is a book a flight and leave the rest to us.

High range

Monte Carlo Resort & Spa (5-star beach side accommodation)

7 nights accommodation in a shared double room on a half board basis + 5 days diving (10 dives) = £380 per person.


mercato hotel & Spa Sharm el Sheikh

Il Mercato hotel & Spa (4 star in-land accommodation)

7 nights accommodation in shared double room on bed & breakfast basis + 5 days diving (10 dives) = £299 per person


Upgrade to 7 nights all-inclusive with 5 days diving for £362 per person


Old Vic Resort Sharm el Sheikh

Old Vic Sharm resort (3 star in-land accommodation – Opened 2017)

7 nights accommodation in shared double room All-inclusive + 5 days diving (10 dives) = £285 per person

Self-catering apartment, delta Sharm resort (studio & 1 bedrooms available)


7 nights accommodation + 5 days diving (10 dives) = £233 per person

For any questions or more information feel free to get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via WhatsApp on +44 7597 431381

All accommodation rates are provided directly from the hotel and may change depending on requested dates. The most accurate costs will be provided at the time of booking with no deposits required but full payment made during check-in. Depending on the hotel policy a 14% sales tax may be applicable.

We have a dive boat!

Introducing the newest addition to Eagle Divers....Gold Land!

We have a dive boat!

Christmas came early this year………

It is with great happiness and excitement that we finally get to introduce you all to the newest addition to Eagle Divers, meet ‘Gold Land’ our very own dive boat!

Many of you will know that having our own purpose-built dive boat has been a dream of ours since Eagle Divers started almost 6 years ago now. Through some seriously hard work and dedication from the whole team and quite a bit of planning we’ve finally achieved this goal, we almost can’t believe it ourselves 😊

After a refurb in the dry dock, where the toilets and stair layout were completely changed, wood replaced and a complete paint job amongst other updates, she’s been out running nicely the past week and it’s been a great joy to see guests enjoying sunning themselves on the sundeck and getting comfy in the saloon in between dives. We’ve been asked by a few of you who knew a little earlier if we’ll be changing the name but have heard that it may bring bad luck so we’re sticking with Gold Land, although we’ve a few Eagle Divers stickers and flags to put up to make it a little more homely, oh and wait for the mugs, courtesy of the wonderful Renata!

So, enough of the text, let’s share some photographs and hopefully you’ll be as happy and excited as we are about joining us soon on your next scuba diving holiday in the Red Sea!

Dive boat collage

Night diving in the Red Sea, is it worth it?

Submerge into the darkness and discover a whole new world of scuba diving delights

Night diving in the Red Sea, is it worth it?

As the Little Mermaid once said, “a whole new world” is waiting to be explored when you become a scuba diver. We’re so lucky in the sights we get to see daily here in the Red Sea, with no two dives on the same dive site ever the same. But what about changing that dive site up completely by discovering it at night? Are night dives really so different from day dives? The short answer is yes! You don’t have daylight to illuminate the reef, so everything changes. Are night dives for you? Have a read on then judge for yourself.

When divers are getting ready for their first ever night dive there is always an air of nervous excitement. Going in to the water when it’s night time does not seem like such a normal thing to do, especially to the first-time night diver however that nervousness quickly turns to enjoyment and everyone is full of excited chatter when exiting from the water. After you get over the initial submerging and turn your torch on, you realise that as the visibility is so great in the Red Sea you can actually see for quite a far distance, or as far as the torch beam reaches anyway. At this point you’ll realise that even if you’ve done the dive site 10 times before, it looks completely different to you now, but what can you see? Here’s a summary below of some of the highlights;

The best of the Southern Red Sea – Daedalus, Rocky & Zabargad

This week long diving liveaboard is gauranteed to provide every lasting memories!

The best of the Southern Red Sea – Daedalus, Rocky & Zabargad

The best of the Southern Red Sea – Daedalus, Rocky & Zabargad

So, we’re really excited about this one! After the previous trips to the South, we’ve put together some of our favourite spots in to one trip, also known as ‘The best of the Southern Red Sea’. Departing on the 30th of August from Port Ghalib, we’ll once again be on board the luxurious 10 cabin, spacious, purpose-built dive boat to explore the Southern sites of Daedalus, Rocky and Zabargad. We’ve been lucky in the past to not only be joined by great groups of divers who have all been up for a fun, but safe time underwater and have been rewarded with some amazing sightings from hammerhead sharks, to dugong and more. We’ve all fingers and toes crossed for the same experience next year, so what else can you expect from coming along? Read on to find out….

deck chilling

Learn to dive in Sharm el Shiekh

The only thing you'll regret about learning to dive, is not doing it earlier!

Learn to dive in Sharm el Shiekh

Learn to dive in Sharm el Shiekh

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a scuba diver, there is no better place to take your PADI Open Water course than with us in the beautiful Red Sea. Most people associate Sharm el Sheikh with great weather and fantastic diving specifically the very clear water, warm temperatures, and beautiful marine life. But what is actually involved in learning to dive? Let us give you an overview of the PADI Open Water course & schedule so you can work out how best to fit it in to your holiday plans.

The PADI Open Water course is the first step in becoming a fully certified diver, who can dive with other certified divers up to a maximum depth of 18m.


If you’ve chosen to include the theory during your holiday rather than study before you arrive (more about that later), then you can expect to complete the course in around 4 days with start and finish times around 9am-4.30pm. A typical course schedule can be found below;

Is there a ‘best time’ to visit the Red Sea for diving?

Find out which season suits you best for your perfect Red Sea scuba diving holiday.

Is there a ‘best time’ to visit the Red Sea for diving?

We get asked a lot ‘when is the best time to dive the Red Sea?’ and fortunately the answer is anytime! But there are certain times of the year that can suit some better than others so let us give you a summary of the different seasons so you can decide when is best for you to come visit.

It’s true that Egypt and the Red Sea maintains a relatively warm climate all year around and certainly you can always expect great visibility ranging from 15m-40m+, however there is a variant between winter and summer to both the air and water temperature which you may like to factor in to your scuba diving holiday planning.


Solo travel to Sharm el Sheikh

Could you, Should you, Would you?

Solo travel to Sharm el Sheikh

You’re a diver with a week’s holiday from work, but your friends either don’t dive or can’t get holidays on the same date. You desperately want to dive some where the water is crystal clear, warm and full of marine life, like the Red Sea and Sharm el Sheikh for example, would you make the trip solo? My response, why not!!

Ok so solo travelling is not for everyone, but if you think you’re going to spend the week alone with no one to talk to you couldn’t be more wrong. The great thing about diving holidays is that you are 100% guaranteed to meet others you have something in common with, diving! As soon as you get picked up from your accommodation in the morning you’ll be met by one of our guides and introduced to the other divers for that day. Once on the boat there will be a group orientation of the facilities onboard and then an overview of the days schedule before it’s time to set kit up and brief for the first dive. You’ll never dive solo, and even if there isn’t another diver of a similar level for you to buddy up-with, you’ll have the benefit of buddying one of our Instructors instead.

South African diver JJ with his budyy, Instructor Khaled

Southern Red Sea scuba diving liveaboard

Sit back, relax and watch what you could be doing in 2018!

Southern Red Sea scuba diving liveaboard

It’s been just over one week since we finished back-to-back dive liveaboards in the Southern Red Sea with an awesome group of divers, but we’re already looking forward to next years trip (confirmed sailing 28 April 2018 Hurghada). Not only were we treated to a beautiful boat with fantastic crew, the diving was simply outstanding and we couldn’t have asked for more! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but JJ’s video diary is worth so much more (thank you JJ!), so sit back, relax and watch what you could be doing with us next year!

Activities in Sharm el Sheikh

Because despite maybe wanting to, you can't spend all your time underwater!

Activities in Sharm el Sheikh

Maybe you’ve got that necessary dry time before flying home or you’re taking a little break in between diving days to spend some time on land, whatever the reason there’s a lot going on in Sharm to keep you occupied. Take a peek at some of our top picks and feel free to contact us for more info.

1.    El Sahaba Mosque Old Market – If it’s been a while since you were last in Sharm, or you’re a first-time visitor, we think you’ll be really impressed by the recently completed El Sahaba Mosque. Standing tall in the centre of Old Market, the architecture of the building is truly stunning combined with the setting sun shining off the gold paint work, you’re in for a photo treat! Top tip: It is possible to visit inside of the mosque and if you arrive in shorts, bare shoulders you’ll be provided with scarfs to cover yourself. Visiting during prayer times is not permitted however.

2.    Genena City – Specifically Tseppes! If you are a fan of all thing sweets then you should plan at some point to make a stop off here for one of their delicious and freshly baked cakes or quite possibly the best ice cream I’ve tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot!). Located at the back entrance of Genena Mall, you’ll find an inside and large outside sitting area with comfortable swinging chairs and plasma TV often displaying sports games. Top tip: Thursday and Friday nights tend to be the busiest here as this is the weekend in Egypt so you may find it a little noisier and more difficult to get a seat. You can also get a carry out if you’d prefer to walk around the shops, watch the live entertainment or just generally explore the new shopping area.

Part three - Girls who dive...

Introducing our good friend Polina Dionesova

Part three - Girls who dive...

Name: Polina Dionesova

Nationality: Russian

Diver level: PADI Advanced open water diver

Approx. number of dives: 200

1.     Why did you decide to learn to dive?

The first time I came to Egypt my mum and I decided to explore as many activities as we can and see as much as we can and one of them was an introduction dive. Then I tried it with my mum but the first time for us it was all about learning just to breathe underwater because it is not normal. We then did it again to actually focus on what we could see under water. After that we decided to cancel all of our other activities and spent 5 days on the boat just making introductory dives because we loved it so much.

Once we came back home we decided to take the Open Water Course in Russia but of course it wasn’t as exciting as diving in the Red Sea for sure. From that time we started to go for diving holidays 2 times a year, I think now I have visited Sharm over 25 times. After 5 years of holidays to Sharm I ended up coming to work here for a while because I loved the place although my work wasn’t related to diving, I dived every day I had off work!

2.      How has your life changed since being a diver?

It brings a lot of new things and opportunities to people when they start diving and first of all you can meet so many new people when you go on a diving holiday, from all around the world, and make many new lifelong friends because you have that one thing in common. I’ve even met other diving buddies in their home countries and explored with them. Also, when you first start diving you’re always looking for the ‘big’ things like sharks, manta and turtle but now as we’ve been diving for longer we can truly appreciate the smaller marine life like nudibranchs and pipefish and just the general colour and condition of the reef.


Polina bikini

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