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Can becoming a PADI Divemaster help you find Whale sharks? Actually YES!

Can becoming a PADI Divemaster help you find Whale  sharks? Actually YES!

So recently there have been a number of whale shark sightings in and around the Sharm el Sheikh coastline (cue mass increase of bookings to Sharm for the possibility to see one, you never know, you could get lucky!).

On a couple of dives now we’ve had the privilege of swimming with these gentle giants and colleagues from other dive centres have enjoyed the same. It’s exciting and also a little unusual to have encountered so many this far up as the Red Sea in general is not known as a hot spot for whale shark encounters, more likely are the Maldives, Mexico and other South American areas such as the Galapagos.

These guys really are our Heroes!

These guys really are our Heroes!

So after a long day diving and you're relaxing with a nice cold beer, watching the sun set, what is happening behind the scenes in the dive centre? Our extremely busy little bees in the logistics team are possibly washing your equipment, making tea and coffee for guests or maybe filling tanks for tomorrow's dives. Reda, Hamada and motassem, with the biggest smiles in Sharm el sheikh are always ready and willing to lend a hand. But what do they do after you've been dropped back to our hotels you may ask?

Eagle Rays for Eagle Divers!

5 fun facts about Eagle Rays

Eagle Rays for Eagle Divers!

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get during a dive when a fuzzy dark shape starts heading towards you from the blue; the heart starts beating faster and the excitement builds at the knowledge you’re potentially about to witness something a little special. When the shape transforms in to an Eagle Ray a smile instantly appears on my face. Why? Firstly I’m an Eagle Diver so have a sort of soft spot for eagle rays in general which combined with the delight of watching them elegantly soar past as I watch from a distance is hard not to smile at. The last reason, well, in all honesty anyone who has had a close up view of an eagle ray will probably admit they’re kinda funny looking creatures, body of a ray with the face resembling an eagle or beak of a duck?!

Why you should dive…..in the Red Sea!

“Because James Bond does it!” - Chris Swanick

Why you should dive…..in the Red Sea!

Love scuba diving in Sharm El-sheikh with Eagle Divers

If you asked a group of 10 divers why they dive you’re sure to get 10 different answers. In fact, that’s exactly what happened when Rory our DM from last year returned recently as part of a uni approved ‘fact-finding’ trip and asked some of our guests precisely that question. Responses ranged from ‘it’s the best fun’, ‘it helps me to relax’, ‘I want to see a shark’ and the hilariously unexpected ‘I dive because James Bond does it!’ (My personal favourite – thanks Chris!).

So if you’ve read this far hopefully I’ve given you just a little inspiration to not only get in to or back in to diving, but also to start planning a visit to one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations.

Dive club trips to the Red Sea…an intense week of fun!

University of Hull dive club had a great time in the Red Sea

Dive club trips to the Red Sea…an intense week of fun!

We’ve just come to the end of a week’s intense diving trip with some students from the University of Hull and what a week we’ve had, both above and under the water. If you’re thinking about organising a club trip to dive the Red Sea, check out below a summary of our week to get an idea of what to expect (all non-diving activities optional of course ;-)

Conservation, what can you do

How you can help protect the marine world?

Conservation, what can you do

Whether you’re a snorkeler or diver or even someone who just likes to observe the sea from the comfort of dry land, it’s all of our responsibility to help protect and conserve the land that lies beneath the waves.

Luckily, here in Egypt the Government, conservation agencies and the diving industry specifically, have recognised the importance of protecting the coral reef systems and marine fauna by implementing common sense laws such as ‘No fish feeding’; maximum restrictions on numbers of boats sharing fixed mooring points; very strong punishment and, in all honesty, public humiliation for anyone caught purposely acting as a threat to the marine fauna and coral…check out the HEPCA or Saving SS. Thistlegorm Facebook pages for some quite unbelievable examples of peoples stupidity.

An interview with PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Kamel Mohamed

An interview with PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer,  Kamel Mohamed

All of my friends, even the ones who ‘wouldn’t go diving if you paid me’, told me how lucky I am that I’ve followed my dream and become a scuba diving instructor. Do I think they’re right? Yes, pretty much 99% of the time they are.

I could write a completely biased account of how I feel life is like as a diving instructor, I’ve chosen to interview a colleague and friend whose been doing it a little longer than me, whose sun-tinted glasses may or may not have started to fade away.

2014, WOW what a year!

2014 has been one awesome year at Eagle Divers!

2014, WOW what a year!

100s of PADI courses, 1000's of dives, old friends, new friends, whalesharks, eagle ray, manta, turtle, hammerhead, white tips, milestone dives, safari's, diveshow, TecRec centre, 5 STAR resort....the list is endless but it’s safe to say 2014 has been one awesome year at Eagle Divers!

We like to think it’s a combination of hard work, dedication and our pure love for diving that helps us to have some truly incredible underwater experiences and keep you coming back for more, but sometimes it is just a little bit of luck.

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