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Are hotel transfers included in diving packages?
Yes, hotel transfers are provided. Please note if your hotel is in Nabq area this can mean an earlier start time and later finish time as you are farther out of the Sharm area where the main jettys are.
What wetsuit should I bring?
This again depends on the person. During the summer months the water temperature can rise to around 29 degrees, so for most a rash vest and shorts is adequate however for better protection a 1mm or 3mm is advised. In the winter months the water can drop down to 23/24 degrees in which case we advise a 5mm or even 7mm to avoid becoming chilled after an hour in the water.
What is your diver to guide ratio?
Currently the Chamber of Diving & Watersports (CDWS) have specified a maximum number of 12 divers to each guide however we operate on a strictly 6 divers per guide with fewer when necessary depending on diver levels and experience.
How many divers are there per boat?
This depends on the boat license but max is between 17-25 divers.
Are drinks and lunch available on the boat?
Yes. The hot and cold drinks and buffet lunch is available for 100L.E (around 4.50€) per person. Drinks and lunch are paid directly to the boat crew after the 2nd dive. You are welcome to bring your own snacks on board to keep you going in between dives and a reusable water bottle for free refills.
What languages do your Instructors/Guides speak?
Primarily English/Arabic/Italian/German/Russian however French and Spanish may be possible with advanced notice.
What language materials do you have available for courses?
Most languages are available. As long as we know about the course in advance we can arrange the materials.
What days do courses start?
There are no set start dates for course. They run as required.
Do the special trips run every day?
Thistlegorm normally runs between 2 and 3 times a week based on demand. For other trips normally we require a minimum of 4 or 6 guests depending on the trip.
How do I arrange/book myself onto a special trip?
Speak to your guide or ask the counter staff who can give you all the details and dates required.
I’m not sure if I want to take a course or not, can I try it first?
Yes, we do free try dives in the pool. If you want to experience a little bit of what an Open Water Course is like we do a Discover Scuba Diving and Basic Diver experience where you can have a go at some of the basic skills before deciding to take the course or not.
Do you teach courses other under training agencies, i.e BSAC, NAUI?
We recognize and welcome divers from all training agencies however our courses are PADI & SSI.
What dive sites are suitable for novice divers?
Most dive sites are suitable depending on weather conditions. Dives will be tailored to match diver abilities to maximise the eperience.
How old do I have to be to become a certified diver?
10 years old to become a certified diver, but don’t worry if you’re not – our PADI Bubblemaker program will set you on your way from ages 8 upwards.
Do I have to be a great swimmer to become a diver?
Not a great swimmer but you must be able to competantly swim 200m using any stroke and be able to tread water for 10 minutes.
Can non divers go on the boat to snorkel and sunbathe?
Absolutely. Non-divers and snorkelers are welcome. Guides on board will provide a full briefing of the snorkelling site and give instructions on how to return to the boat at the end of your snorkel.
Can children come on the boats?
On the diving boats it is 4yrs. Under 4yrs it is at the dive centre’s discretion. Children must be supervised on the boat. For example if both parents are divers one must be present at all times, unless they bring a nanny or have a friend to supervise whilst they are diving. They cannot expect the crew of the boat or the diving staff to supervise.
What if I have a medical condition?
You will find a copy of the standard Medical Form on the PADI website. If you are doing planning to dive, and can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you should see a doctor before arriving and bring with you a signed Medical Declaration that you are fit to dive from them.
If I have been diving, how long should I wait before flying?
PADI recommends 12 hours before flying after 1 dive, 18 hours if you have done multiple dives over multiple days. Here at Eagle Divers, we require you to have 24 hours clear before flying.
I’ve lost my certification card; can I still dive with you?
In theory yes, most training agencies now have an online database of their divers so we should be able to check this. If however you are not on the list, we would need to wait until confirmation from your training agency before you could dive.
I’ve lost my logbook; can I still dive with you?
Yes, providing you prove you’re a diver. We may require you to do a check dive or scuba review first depending on your level, how many dives you think you have and when your last dive was.
I haven’t dived for a while, do I need a check dive?
Depending on your qualification level, number of dives and the date of your last dive we may recommend that you do a check dive or participate in half day review program where you complete some scuba skills and dive theory in a confined setting before going on to make a normal dive.
Do you use DIN or International tanks?
Both are available.
Where can I keep my dive kit overnight?
Either securely on the boat or in a secure equipment room at the dive centre.
How many dives per day will I be able to do?
The normal diving day is 2 dives and the boats are usually tanked up for an optional 3rd dive paid locally (22 euro). You can also do night dives whenever you like.
What do I need to bring with me to the dive centre?
Local currency for lunch and drinks, towel, bathing costumes, sun cream, log book, certification card, passport, diving equipment if owned.
What is the maximum depth I can dive to?
Our guides will guide to 30m on recreational dives or to the limit of your diving qualification. If you have a deep spec to 40m, you have a buddy of equal level and can show your insurance allows you to dive to this depth, then CDWS allows diving to 40m. Technical diving has different rules and costs.
What is the maximum dive time?
Generally 60 minutes to allow the boat diving schedule to run on time with adequate surface intervals in between dives. When shore diving there is more flexibility on dive times.
Are all dives guided dives?
Yes, this is a requirement by local law.


Do I need a VISA when I arrive at Sharm el Sheikh airport?
This depends largely on where you plan to visit during your holiday. In the past the tourist visa has been required for visiting Ras Mohamed National Park, however currently this is not the case. You only need the visa when leaving the Sharm borders and travelling to areas such as Dahab and Cairo etc. You do however need the visa if you plan to visit Thistlegorm wreck. It’s best to always check ahead of your journey in case the policy changes, which it can do at any point.
What currency should I bring?
We accept payment in cash; Euro, Sterling, Egyptian Pound (LE), USD, all major credit/debit cards inc Maestro, Visa, MasterCard. Credit cards are charged in LE or US Dollars and there is a transaction fee for all cards. Do make sure you inform your credit card provider that you are coming to Egypt because we have had credit card companies block transactions and then phone calls need to be made to unblock the cards.
Do you require a deposit to confirm my diving, course or trip?
For individual bookings on diving packages and courses we don’t require a deposit, full payment is made at the end of your holiday. For liveaboard trips or group bookings of 6+ a 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking.
Does the dive centre have wheelchair access?
Yes, throughout.
Is WIFI available?
Yes, just ask dive centre staff (note, the more people who use it, the slower it gets and it's not always reliable!).
Are there refreshments available on site?
Yes, guests can help themselves to water, tea and coffee from the dive centre. The hotel also has a bar where you can purchase drinks. Supermarkets are a short walk away.
What time do you depart from the dive centre to boat?
This depends on the number of pick-ups from other hotels and the destination for that day. Normally you can expect to be at the jetty for either 8am or 8.30am. For shore dives this is more flexible and later starts can be accommodated.
What time can I expect to return to the jetty?
This varies but usually between 3:30pm and 4.45pm.
How far are you from the main tourist areas in Sharm?
We’re based in a central location in Na’ama Bay, but only a short drive to other areas such as Old Market and Il Mercato. Check out our ‘About us’ page for more information on the surrounding area.
Do you sell diving equipment?
Yes, we have a selection of MARES dive equipment, including the latest mask & snorkel set designs. We also have dive centre polo-shirts and hoodies which you can buy.
Do I need insurance?
Yes and it is important to check the depth. Some are for 18m only and others are for your certification level. If you want to dive deeper, eg you are on a tech course, it is important to check properly. Our diving centre is fully insured by DAN Europe however this does not extend to customers.

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